• A Mother’s Guide for Going Back to School

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    For some mothers, the decision to go back to school is a very important step towards fulfilling their personal goals and achieving a better life. Until recently, going back to school as a mother was thought to be close to impossible. There just isn’t enough hours in a day to attend classes on a regular basis and take care of your kids! Times have changed as more moms are deciding to take the challenge and head back to school.


    Why should I go back to school?

    While there are many reasons why mothers decide to go back to school, this is a question that only you can answer.

    Some mothers are looking to earn more money then they are currently making. Going back to school teaches you new skills to further yourself at a current job or create a new skill set to guide you towards a different career path. More education never hurts and is a great way to get yourself one step closer to the career that’s right for you.

    Other moms  go back to school to reinvent themselves or to continue a dream that was put on hold due to the busy schedule of raising a family. Going back to school can help you reconnect with an old passion and is a great way to gain that sense of personal achievement that you have always wanted.


    3 Tips to ensure a smooth path back to school

    Balancing school and raising a family at the same time may seem impossible, but fear not! More mothers are returning back to school now then ever before. Here are 3 tips to help ease you back into the school mode:

    1. Time management

    Mothers who have decided to go back to school will need to master the skill of time management. Returning to school means less time spent at home and more time doing homework. The best way to balance school and family is to excel at time management.

    • Know how much time you will need to finish your homework or paper.
    • Know what tasks need to be completed at home and how long it will take.
    • Make a list and prioritize! The key to time management is knowing what is a priority and what can wait.

    2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    With more time being spent with school, you are going to need some helping hands at home. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner or kids for help around they house. They can help with simple chores like loading the dishwasher, feeding the house pet, folding the laundry etc.

    Help is also available for you at school. Take advantage of resources like student services to assist you in questions you may have about your class work. Talking with an academic advisor can also be very beneficial. They will know if you can get credit for past work experience or transfer credits from any previous schooling you have done, which could save lots of time and money.

    3. Get familiar with technology

    Brushing up on your computer skills before going back to school is a good idea. Some classes may require you to upload or e-mail your work, participate in online discussions, or download course materials on to your computer. A good way to familiarize yourself is to tap into your kids! They have been using computers for most of their lives and may have used similar programs in their own classes.


    How am I going to pay for school?

    This is a questions that all mothers need to answer before starting their journey. For mothers who may need financial assistance to help finish school, there are many options where you can look for help. The main financial assistance that should be looked at are federal student loans, grants, or scholarships. Being a mother is already very rewarding, but there is another benefit that may save you money. Many grants and scholarships are aimed specifically towards mothers, so you will have a better chance of getting financial assistance towards your schooling. Be sure to research online and at the school you are applying to for any financial help you may receive.


    I’m ready to go back!

    Going back to school is stressful at any age, especially if you have children. There is much to overcome, but with determination and initiative, you will have a great chance at success. With success comes rewards. Not only will you gain professional advantages, but great personal fulfillment for yourself and your children.


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